EduK12 Online Community

Religious Education School Management Programs

The EduK12 Online Community  offers a complete web based solution to manage your Religious Education program. The portal also allows parents to register and make payments online, view online student attendance, homework, and other school information.

The complete solution includes the following components:

School Administrator is a comprehensive student information and includes the following modules.

  • School Info - This module contains the database information for your families, students, teachers and classes. You can view family, student, teacher and class info, print class lists, a school directory, birthday lists and create mailing labels. You can also view reports on the demographics of the families, students and teachers.
  • Attendance - This module tracks daily attendance for your students. You can view class, student and daily attendance. A school attendance summary calculates the information needed to complete state attendance reports. You can also identify students who have excessive absences or tardies and send them form letters.
  • Grading - This module can create Report Cards using letter grades or outcomes. Teachers can enter final grades for report cards electronically. You can print report cards and transcript labels, check student failures and calculate grade point averages. Report Cards can be customized for your school.
  • Tuition & Fees - This module tracks family tuition and student fees. You can record and view tuition and fee payments information. You can also check overdue or unpaid tuition and fees and send form letters to families with overdue or unpaid tuition.
  • Calendar & Announcements - This module allows you to create public and private calendars and daily announcements. You can view the calendars online or print the calendars.

Class Administrator is our electronic gradebook program. It allows teachers to set up gradebooks for letter/percentage or outcomes based subjects with various grading options and grade scales. Our online gradebook includes the following features.

  • Classes can be created with grading options of total points or weighted categories.
  • Term and Final grades are calculated automatically as assignments and individual grades are entered.
  • Reports can be generated for individual student progress reports for single or multiple classes, and class or assignment summaries.
  • Student Progress Reports are generated automatically as grades are entered for parents to view online.
  • Grades can be exported directly to our School Administrator program to create report cards.

Teachers can also create their own web pages and post information about their classes and homework assignments.

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