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The Key to State Histories  for Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas include an overview of the state and sections with general information about different periods in the state's history from the prehistoric to the present time. Throughout the text in each section, links are identified to other web sites that provide more detailed information about specific events, places or people. Study guide questions are included with each section and vocabulary words are identified in italics throughout the text. Other sections of the program have links to biographies of famous persons, timelines of the state's history, sights and sounds of the state and current information about the state.

The Key to State Histories also provide student activities for class or group assignments, crossword puzzles and online quizzes. The answers to the study guide questions and crossword puzzles are in the Teacher files, which are protected by a password. The online quizzes are multiple choice randomly displayed questions that can be taken as often as needed.

The Key to Art History provides a comprehensive guide to the history of Western art from ancient times to the present. The Key to Art History includes text about the movements in art for the various time periods and cultures throughout the history of Western Civilization. Throughout the text are inks to art museums, galleries, artists' profiles and other web sites around the world with more information about the artists and examples of their work. Also included in the program are critical thinking problems, study guide questions and quizzes for students to test their knowledge on the history of Western art.