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School Management Programs


The EduK12 Online Community offers a complete web based solution for your school management software and parent information portal. There are versions designed specifically for Religious, Private and Public schools.

The complete solution includes the following components:

Class Administrator is our gradebook program with the following features.

  • Classes can be created for letter grades or for standards/outcomes reporting.
  • Classes can have grading options of total points or weighted categories.
  • Term and Final grades are calculated automatically as assignments and individual grades are entered.
  • Reports can be generated for individual student progress reports, for single or multiple classes, and for class or assignment summaries.
  • Student Progress Reports are generated automatically as grades are entered for parents to view online.
  • Grades can be exported directly to our School Administrator program to create report cards.

Teachers can also create their own web pages and post information about their classes and homework assignments.
School Administrator is a comprehensive student information system for schools with the followig modules.

  • School Info - This module contains the database information for your families, students, teachers and classes. You can view and print family, student, teacher and class info, send Emails and create mailing labels.
  • Attendance - This module tracks daily attendance for your students. You can view class, student and daily attendance. You can identify students who have excessive absences or tardies and send them letters.
  • Grading - This module can create Report Cards using letter grades or outcomes. You can print report cards and transcript labels, check student failures and calculate grade point averages. Report Cards can be customized for your school.
  • Discipline - This module tracks discipline incidents for individual students. You can record and view incidents and the actions taken by the school.
  • Tuition & Fees - This module tracks family tuition and student fees. You can record and view tuition and fee payments information. You can also check overdue or unpaid tuition and fees and send letters or emails to families.
  • Lunch - This module tracks lunch purchases and payments and creates monthly calendars of lunch menus. You can view daily, weekly or monthly lunch reports. You can track those students who receive free or reduced lunch and calculate the statistics needed for federal lunch program reports.
  • Before and After Care - This module tracks student attendance and costs for school before and after care. You can record payments and bill parents.
  • Calendar & Announcements - This module allows you to create public and private calendars and daily announcements.
The school portal gives online access for parents to school, family and student information.

  • Parents can view and update their personal information.
  • Parents can view student progress reports, attendance, and homework.
  • Parents can view class information.
  • Parents can view a school directory.
  • Parents can make payments for fees, lunches, and after care.


Optional components that can be purchased separately include:

The Lesson Planner allows teachers to enter lesson plans by the week for those subjects set up in their online gradebook. Teachers can view and edit different weeks by selecting the week desired. Subjects can also be viewed all together or one at a time. Lesson plans can be printed by the week, day or subject. Administrators can view the plans of all of the teachers. They can mark the plan as reviewed and send messages to the teacher reminding them to submit the plan or to make comments about the plan, if desired. State or local standards can be entered to which the lesson plans can be correlated. Reports can be generated to view submitted plans, view lesson plans by the week, view correlations of individual plans to standards and view standards set up for each subject.

School Nurse Aide is an add-on to the School Administrator program for the Health Office. It is designed to help manage student visits to the school nurse’s office. Features include the ability to maintain current and historical visit information, immunization records, vision and hearing screenings, and other medical information that helps the school provide the best possible health care to the students.

School Development allows you to enter and view information on donors, alumni, prospective families, and volunteers. You can track money raised by fundraising events involving students or the community. You can generate reports that show a history of donor contributions. You can create mailing labels, send emails and print tax letters.

School Development integrates with our School Administrator program. Information on current families and students are accessed through the databases in School Administrator and can be imported into School Development. Information on prospective families can be exported from School Development to School Administrator once the students are enrolled.

School Development includes the following modules:

  • The Donor Info module keeps track of alumni and other donors for the school.
  • The Event Info module keeps track of fundraising events for alumni and other donors.
  • The Student Fundraising Info module keep track of student fundraisers and the amounts raised by families or individual students.
  • The Recruitment Info module keeps track of prospective families and students.
  • The Volunteer Info module keeps track of events for which families can volunteer. It will track the number of hours each family volunteers for each event. Families can sign up for events online.
  • The Other Actions module allow you to create mailing labels for various groups, send emails to various groups, create lists for export and set up program accounts.