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School Messenger


EduConnect now offers SchoolMessenger as our preferred parent notification provider. School notification and alert systems are now a staple of school operations. These phone, email and text broadcast systems enable administrators to rapidly reach parents and staff. Used for school cancelations, emergency notices, general announcements, reminder notices and automated absentee notifications, they help schools improve communications and decrease costs and complexity.

What is SchoolMessenger? Like EduConnect, SchoolMessenger is a web-based service. Their system allows a personally recorded message to be broadcast to parent/staff home, work and cell numbers. They also support broadcast email and text messaging. SchoolMessenger delivers peace of mind – knowing that you are instantly prepared to respond to any type of rapid or widespread communication need. Common use of their system is for:

  • woman on phone with daughter.jpgAnnouncing school cancellations
  • Schedule changes
  • Meeting reminders
  • Grade-level or class-level announcements
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Email Newsletters
  • Collection notices
  • Parent Polls and Surveys


How it Works: To make things simple for everyone, we recently completed integration with SchoolMessenger enabling parent contact phone numbers and email addresses to automatically replicate into SchoolMessenger on a daily basis. So any change made in EduConnect will automatically flow into SchoolMessenger. When you need to use SchoolMessenger to broadcast a message to parents, you will automatically be using the most accurate information.

Getting Started: For more information visit or call 888-527-5225.