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Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plan component allows teachers to enter or edit lesson plans by the week for those subjects set up in their online gradebook.

The lesson plan can include the following:

  • Objective: The purpose of this lesson
  • Assessment: How student learning will be assessed for this lesson
  • Outcomes/Plan Description: A description of the lesson plan outcomes for the subject.
  • Resources: Resources needed to complete the plan. This is optional.
  • Standard: The standard being covered by the plan. The standard can be entered when entering the lesson plan or multiple standards can be entered from the Standards link. Any standards previously entered will appear in the drop down menu.
  • Assignments: Two assignments can be associated with the plan.
    • The assignments can also be transferred automatically to the teacher's homework web page or to the teacher's gradebook by clicking the appropriate boxes and filling in the required information about the assignment.
    • For schools that are using the EduK12 Online Community complete web site solution, assignments can be copied to the teacher gradebook and the teacher homework web page.
  • Plans can also be copied to other days for the current or next week if it is a plan that will take more than one day to complete.
  • Plans can also be copied to other sections of the same subject and grade.

Teachers can view and edit different weeks by selecting the week desired. Subjects can also be viewed all together or one at a time. Lesson plans can be printed by clicking on the Print Lesson link and then choosing the appropriate type of view to print.

If school is cancelled because of bad weather or another reason, the lesson plans can be moved forward or backwards up to 5 days by clicking on the Move Lesson Plans link on the Lesson Plans page.

Administrators can view the plans of all of the teachers. They can mark the plan as reviewed and send messages to the teacher about the plan, if desired.