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The EduK12 Online Community offers a complete solution for your school management and parent information online portal. The complete solution includes the following components:

  • School Administrator - a comprehensive student information system with modules for school data, attendance, report cards, tuition, lunch, discipline and calendar;
  • Class Administrator - web-based teacher gradebooks that calculate grades and integrate with our student information system to produce report cards and progress reports;
  • teacher and class web pages;
  • a school portal with online access for parents to view student progress reports, attendance, homework, class news and other school information.

Optional components include Lesson Planner; School Nurse Aide, our health office program; School Development, our alumni, fundraising and recruitment program; and Bookworm Media Catalog, our library program.

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School Messenger
 Parent Notification & Alerts

EduConnect now offers School Messenger as our preferred parent notification provider. The SchoolMessenger notification service is trusted to deliver large volumes of messages through several channels including voice, email, text message, push notification, social media, web post, desktop alert, and more.

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K12 Surveys

K-12 Schools often need to create and tabulate surveys for many reasons. These may include developing strategic plans or technology plans, meeting accreditation criteria, identifying concerns of parents, targeting potential students, or contacting alumni. Distributing surveys by mail or by hand often result in a poor return response and tabulating the results can be a daunting task.

With our tools, schools can create surveys that their patrons can complete online resulting in a higher response rate. Results are automatically tabulated saving the school time and effort in calculating results. Results are available immediately for viewing in multiple report formats.

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